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AB Teams

AB Teams,

Hi buyers, its AB. amberbriller.com offers a marketplace to find any raw materials and you can make your own. AB offers as well as the services from the third parties so you could make easily transform the raw materials into the finished products. 

Take this advantages so you could neither grow your own business nor find the best raw materials in many prices. AB provides  millions of suppliers along with millions of business services to make your custom business faster, easier and competitive global business standards. You do not have to worry about supplier’s qualities. AB is very transparent about the supplier’s performances and experiences.Find your own suppliers or if you wanna be even faster AB finds suppliers for you. How it works?

Check out amberbriller.info@gmail.com.You can ask just about anything including find me a supplier?

AB teams will personally send you the email for suppliers and their average’s prices. And still many many many more…..Take this FREE advantages to shop without long complicated business procedures. AB takes care for you.

Hi sellers, 

amberbriller.com offers a yearly for individual/business sellers. AB provides only for yearly sellers to give the connections for buyers have more time to consider when buyers have to postpone the purchases from suppliers for any reasons and the unlimited advertisements services for free.If you are  business sellers and having over thousands/hundreds/millions of ready  for business seller and would to make a sell even faster. Let our team know amberbriller_selleroffer@yahoo.com.

Why join us as sellers?

AB offers the sellers the services to sell, the sellers do not have to find any tricks/strategies to boost their sell or how to compete with other sellers.Instead AB connects between one seller to others as a whole team. While customers need a raw material then connected to the sellers that provide finished goods.

Once sellers join our at amberbriller.com, AB teams responsible to make sellers stand out with their own characters and unique points so sellers do not have to compete with other sellers. The  healthy environment inside of our organizations is most important part.AB divides several categories based on a very specific to make the buyers straight forwards, faster to finds their needs.

Why AB teams using personal email instead of business professional email?

AB Team’s families love outdoors fresh places, activities, and stay close with their own families. It’s kinda boosting and re-charging so that AB families could serve best anytime and anywhere.Yes, anytime in a fast respond.!AB’s center has respected the decision of each  AB’s families to stay productive with their own best way to work yet on track, solid and trusted teams.

How do buyers/sellers know AB Teams can be trusted with their outdoor managements?

AB teams are mostly entrepreneurs. Just like you. AB has a strong vision that man powers  is not supposed to be trapped in a close door inside of traditional  office rules with 8am-6pm office hours.AB teams are mostly using man powers. Man powers could be sick, tired, stress and the other outside issued that related and affected  with natural human’s being. With a healthy environment inside of AB to create the healthy version in a business world. Yes, you can make an appointment for direct meeting with AB Teams. 

Who is AB’s CEO?

CEO/PRESIDENT/CHAIRMAN is just TITLES. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s NOTHING. AB doesn’t do or treat others based on who they are or what  their title is. We are here as one families. AB’s teams in here is the same statues/strata/whatever people call statuses are. No walls applied. But yes AB has a specific  that made the important decision about next development .Neither you meet AB’s customer services nor meet the complain teams. AB teams have committed that amberbriller.com as the trusted marketplace platform that connecting buyers and suppliers globally with transparencies for a better world.Neither you are individual sellers nor business sellers.All AB’s teams know exactly how to handle the responsibilities professionally.

Grow your business with amberbriller.com reach the global network in an easy way.

Are buyers/sellers data privacies SAFE with AB?

Yes.AB teams have respected buyers/sellers privacies are very essential. If we have found something/someone that cracks the trust of buyers/sellers privacies inside of our managements or trying to sell the data, We take a very serious legal actions.

Why should choose amberbriller.com over others years++ marketplaces?

Hi there, if this is the question that you want to know. Here are how it works at AB;

amberbriller.com doesn’t play any multiple confusing promotion every second, every day or every month.Everyone has different stages of capabilities. Some of them are capable of 11.11 while the others are 12.12 and the rest is having the other situations.

AB doesn’t do the force marketing that might lead people to spend without the right consideration. People that do not understand the other way of the force marketing how it works might spend immediately.Yes. AB does the marketing in purposes to give buyers/sellers time to make the right considerations that amberbriller.com is the partner platform that give spaces for customers doing the relaxing trade based on something that they are needing the most.

AB teams look after for long terms relationship with buyers/sellers.If you are probably wondering why AB could compete with others trusted whatever years marketplaces?. AB does not compete with other business organization in whatever objects and welcomes to have a discussion.

 AB teams provide platform that connecting buyers/seller yes globally for customers find/make from raw to finished goods in one easy steps.AB’s families, friends are living separately across the globe. AB has respected the decision of very close friends to live in which part of the planet to find the most piece and happiness. yet, stay connected. In fact, each state has their own great natural resources. You do not have to worry about suppliers’s legality. If you need the other documents about supplier’s legality or certifications. Fell free to ask to suppliers that you would like to have corporation’s with. If you need AB’s help, fell free to contact AB’s help amberbrillerhelp@yahoo.com. 

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