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Lithium battery BYD B-BOX 10.0

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These functional batteries are installed in large metal cabinets with space for 4 modules for lithium battery. In this way we can acquire the cabinet together with a single module, to obtain a capacity of 10.24 kWh 48v, and to be extended later with new and economical modules, up to a maximum capacity of 10kWh per cupboard, capacity sufficient for the majority of Residential applications. On the other hand, the cabinets can be connected in parallel to an impressive total capacity of 80 kWh (8 B-Box 10.0 in parallel), which allows to provide storage to commercial establishments with three-phase supplies, both isolated and connected to the Network. General features of the B-Box 10.0 lithium battery.- Safe chemistry Standard Railway and automotive battery High power output Easy installation and uninterrupted maintenance Flexible Life Time Natural cooling System

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