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100% cold-pressed moringa oil [HIGH PREMIUM]

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mooring oil 100% pure
30 Kg
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Roses & geranium
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Bergabung Dec 2020
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Alamat Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta

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Moringa oil’s healing and beautifying benefits were documented thousands of years ago. The Romans and Greeks used this edible oil extracted from the seeds for skin lotions, ointments, and perfumes. In Egypt, Moringa oil was used for protecting the skin against the ravages of sun, sand, and dust during the long travels in the desert. Perhaps this is the reason why people in these countries are admired for their radiant and youthful-looking skin. Moringa Oil is called Sigur (moves like an arrow) for its ability to rapidly and deeply penetrate tissues, even to the depth of the bone marrow for deep cleansing. Moringa oil also has a strong resistance to going rancid, and it can stay fresh for many years. It is a special ingredient in revitalizing shampoos, age-defying creams, and many other beauty and health products. $125/kg. moq= 30kg min

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